Thermal Vision
Concealed Object Detection

Thermal Matrix is a global leader in multi-spectral imaging and surveillance for commercial and defense applications including detection of contraband, stolen items and threats to protect people, property, and privacy.

Thermal Matrix is dedicated to building the most advanced, accurate and reliable concealed object detection systems anywhere. We excel at software and hardware development, sensor research and evaluation, systems integration, rugged product deployment and providing experienced training personnel on site and in the field.

We have over 35 years of experience with IR and multi-spectral analysis including millimeter wave, terahertz, ultraviolet and visible wavelength imagers and holds multiple patents in the field. No one has more experience designing, integrating and deploying multi-spectral solutions for military and commercial uses.

Our team of professionals consists of a unique mix of talent that includes program management, engineering, electrical and mechanical systems technicians, test, manufacturing, quality assurance, training, and in-house and field support.



Thermal Matrix supplies concealed threat detection systems to local Law Enforcement agencies, Government agencies and Industry. Our systems are used domestically (e.g., Florida law enforcement) as well as internationally (e.g., Indonesian Police). Commercial systems can range from single camera systems used at sporting events, concerts and criminal booking offices to larger 36 camera systems used to protect buildings and gathering points.



Thermal Matrix systems have been deployed by the U.S. Army and DoD in support of Operation Desert Storm since 2005 including case-deployed and trailer deployed solutions. This system employed infrared, millimeter wave, terahertz, ultraviolet and visible spectrum sensors in a System-of-Systems architecture dubbed by DHS as a “Next Generation Architecture” for detecting concealed person-borne IDEs. Download DHS Report (PDF). Additionally, Thermal Matrix has supplied one-man portable Concealed Threat Detection systems to the U.S. Government and 3-letter agencies providing rapid-deployment checkpoint solutions for deployment in theater..


























Target Recognition

Assisted target recognition algorithms instantly identify concealed objects and areas of concern, complete with computer-generated color highlights overlaying the affected areas. Additionally, the system automatically activates an audible alarm alerting an operator to the presence of a concealed object.


Target Tracking

Advanced target tracking software allows the system to automatically identify subjects in the sensor’s field of view, analyze their person for concealed objects, and “lock-on” each subject as they move through the field of view, in real time.


Multi-spectral Analysis

Multi-spectral capability provides remote surveillance of multiple scenes using any combination of visible and infrared sensors providing unparalleled day/night surveillance of entry and exit points, perimeters, and events.


Stand-off Distances

The system can scan covertly and inconspicuously and from a safe distance and does not require individuals to queue in a line or be scanned individually like a metal detector. It works with unstructured crowds and in real-time, allowing fully covert operation.


High Quality Images

Best-in-class sensor technology and software algorithms for image enhancement, target tracking and concealed object detection allows the system to analyze the scene many times per second providing real-time performance. Digital infrared and color images are immediate and instantly displayed on the monitor with digital zoom and image stabilization.


Multi-Camera Display

The system can display single spectrum and multi-spectral imaging results using split screen and picture-in-a-picture displays with the ability to display 16 cameras supporting IP and Gig-E imagers, webcams, and legacy analog sensors.


Indoor/Outdoor & Mobile

A wide selection of enclosures permit installation both indoors and outdoors as well as modular configurations that include trailer mounted, vehicle mounted, transit case, and tripod mounted hardware.


Privacy Preservation

The system does not peer underneath clothing, nor does it image or reveal anatomical features. There are never privacy concerns since there are never explicit images.


DVR & Archiving

DVR controls allow pause, rewind, forward fast, and record past and present events automatically retaining the last interval of video internally without operator intervention. For permanent archival, the system records video and settings as video files to the local disk drive or server.

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